Advanced Collection Tools Vital in Today's Economy

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Tuesday, December 06, 2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM   iCalendar Central Standard Time

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This session covers negotiation, technical, and management tools in collecting cash. The negotiation process will include the “human factors” while the technical skills will include “business law basics” (contract law and lender liability). The technical aspects of collections will address what happens when a “good” loan turns into a “bad” loan i.e., the market has now turned down, tenants have left, and the payments are severely delinquent.

What should the bank do and not do at this point in time? We will address the “legal rights” of the bank and the “practical steps” that the bank should take in order to protect itself. This includes the collection process, restructuring the loan, and/or proceeding against the borrower through repossession, foreclosure, filing a lawsuit to obtain a judgment, forcing the borrower into bankruptcy or simply “walking away.” This section also includes the “outside” influence from the banking regulators.

Additionally, the X (authoritative), Y (delegation), and Z (team) management styles will be outlined which impact the lender’s ability to manage the collection process. This program includes “real-life” collection scenarios.

Commercial lenders, credit analysts, loan documentation specialists, branch managers

David L. Osburn is the founder of Osburn & Associates, LLC, a Business Training and Contract CFO Firm that provides seminars, webinars, and keynote speeches for CPAs, bankers, attorneys, credit managers, and business owners on topics such as Banking/Finance/Credit, Negotiation Skills, Marketing, and Management Issues. His extensive professional background of over 30 years includes 18 years as a Business Trainer/Contract CFO and 16 years as a bank commercial lender including the position of Vice President/Senior Banking Officer.

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Virtual Learning  

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