HSA Workshop

Virtual Learning  
Thursday, September 12, 2024 9:00 AM - 4:15 PM   iCalendar Central Standard Time

Attend the HSA Workshop, presented by Ascensus, for a comprehensive HSA curriculum and a practical understanding of critical rules and operational issues. This workshop covers all aspects of a successful HSA program.

Introduction to HSAs

  • Describe how a health savings account (HSA) benefits financial organizations, employers, and eligible individuals
  • Explain high deductible health plan (HDHP) requirements
  • Communicate HSA eligibility rules
  • Describe exceptions to HDHP coverage

Establishing an HSA

  • Summarize the HSA opening documents
  • Identify the requirements for amending HSA documents

HSA Funding

  • State the HSA regular contribution and catch-up contribution limits
  • Describe the last month rule
  • Discuss how changes during the year in HDHP coverage affect contributions
  • Discuss how Medicare affects eligibility
  • Distinguish the regular contribution deadline
  • Cite the rules for prior-year contributions
  • Explain a qualified HSA funding distribution
  • Ensure accurate regular contribution reporting

HSA Distributions

  • Summarize the tax consequences of qualified and nonqualified distributions
  • Describe ways to prevent an extension of credit to an HSA owner
  • Communicate how HSA fees are handled
  • Describe a mistaken distribution
  • Correctly handle excess contributions
  • Describe the tax treatment of the HSA after the HSA owner's death
  • Ensure accurate distribution reporting

HSA Portability

  • Differentiate between a transfer and a rollover
  • Ensure accurate rollover reporting

HSA Compliance

  • Identify the financial organization's responsibilities in administering HSAs
  • Recognize the information sources used for HSA guidance

Who Should Attend You should attend this seminar if you:

  • need to become more comfortable with HSA rules,
  • are responsible for ensuring a compliant HSA department,
  • or are responsible for internal systems, HSA transaction codes, and proper HSA administration.

Jeff Aga is a Senior ERISA Consultant with the ERISA Technical Support Department at Ascensus. Mr. Aga assists clients with technical compliance questions through the 800 Consulting Service and instructs Ascensus webinars and various Ascensus-sponsored seminars nationwide. He lends technical expertise regarding Qualified Retirement Plans, Traditional and Roth IRAs, Coverdell education savings accounts, health savings accounts, and various employer-sponsored retirement plans such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, SEP and SIMPLE IRA plans, as well as conducting qualified retirement plan, 403(b) plan, and IRA compliance audits.

Continuing Education
ABA Professional Certification - 7.25 credits for CISP, CRSP, and CTFA

Fee Per Person
IBA Member $265
Nonmember $445

Virtual Learning