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Tuesday, February 13, 2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM   iCalendar Central Standard Time

Webinar Series - Tuesdays, February 6, 13, 20, 27 - 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. CT

Join us on a transformative journey in staff retention and engagement, led by Drew Carter, the Founder & CEO of Whistle Rewards. This series guides participants through understanding the intricacies of the multi-generational workforce, leveraging behavioral science for a motivating workplace, debunking engagement myths, and mastering the art of effective recognition and rewards programs. Gain actionable tools that will revolutionize your approach to staff retention and engagement. Elevate your banking workforce, creating a more engaged, motivated, and loyal team.

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Session 1 | February 6
Understanding 5 Generations of Staff: What’s Different and What’s the Same in Engaging and Retaining Your People?
Explore the dynamics of a five-generational workforce in an evolving landscape where employers play a pivotal role as stabilizing forces amid societal changes. Uncover the unique needs of each generation and walk away with a comprehensive understanding of each generation's dynamics, ensuring effective staff retention in a diverse workplace.

Session 2 | February 13
Behavioral Science 101: Using the Science of People to Create a Motivating, Engaging Workplace
Dive into the science of human behavior and its impact on workplace motivation. Explore key behavioral phenomena, from the Pygmalion Effect to the Endowment Effect, and dissect the Newman behavior motivation model. Uncover the practical applications of behavioral science in banking, gaining insights into employee motivation and biases to address workforce biases effectively.

Session 3 | February 20
Employee Engagement Myth Busting: Common Misunderstandings in Engagement and Ways to Avoid Them
Demystify common misconceptions in employee engagement as we explore the reasons behind staff turnover. Delve into the disparity between HR perspectives and employee sentiments, unraveling mixed signals in incentive programs and pitfalls in retention efforts. Gain insights and best practices to enhance your understanding of staff retention and avoid common pitfalls in incentive programs.

Session 4 | February 27
Recognition and Rewards: How to Effectively Create and Execute Efforts that Engage and Keep Your Staff

Unlock the secrets to creating impactful employee recognition and rewards programs. Explore the 12 Commandments of Influential Employee Rewards and Recognition, navigate challenges in points programs, and dissect the nuances of rewards catalogs and gift cards. Learn about the importance of timing, the role of philanthropy, and best practices in driving engagement and retention through recognition efforts. Walk away with a comprehensive toolkit for effective rewards and recognition execution.

Drew Carter, CEO and Co-Founder of Whistle, is improving employee retention using data science and behavioral science. Whistle has developed innovative rewards and recognition, learning tools, and onboarding technology for US and European clients. Drew brings the insights and tools from the customer loyalty space to Employee Loyalty and is passionate about improving work-life for clients, employees, and customers.

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IBA Members $265 | Nonmembers $445
Includes OnDemand Access for 60 Days

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