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Established in 1999, Liquid Capital provides alternative financing solutions to business to business companies. Financing programs include, accounts receivable factoring, purchase order and work-in-process (WIP) financing as well as asset-based loans. We address issues such as constrained cash flow, supplier payments and leveraging receivables and hard assets for a revolving line of credit. With a North American footprint and substantial capital availability, Liquid Capital, along with its parent company Garrington Capital, has provided over $6 billion in financing transactions. We work with a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from newer companies and those that have been around for generations. Our business model is relationship based combined with a high level of service. In addressing the needs of banks and their lenders, Liquid Capital developed the Bank Alliance Program. In a bank’s ongoing efforts to attract and retain customers, being able to differentiate the bank in a highly competitive marketplace, is a key objective. Having a diverse portfolio of financing solutions, traditional and alternative, allows the bank to address a variety of scenarios, enhance their image and message and greatly improve their ability for customer acquisition and addressing the needs of current customers. The Bank Alliance Program is a collaborative effort between the bank and Liquid Capital to design a strategic program built around the bank’s needs and preferences and that will complement and enhance current and/or evolving business plans. Customization can include “White Labeling” the program if desired, to meld with the bank's branding and imaging. The program also provides an additional revenue stream through referral fees for closed financing transactions. With the Bank Alliance Program, the bank has the ability to: Offer More - Do More - Be More