KeyState Captive Management

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KeyState offers banks with over $750 million in assets the opportunity to form a wholly-owned captive insurance company through its Bank Captive Program. A captive insurance company or a legally licensed limited purpose property and casualty insurance company can Augment a bank's commercial policies by covering the existing commercial deductible layers; Increase coverage levels on existing policies (excess layers); and Identify and insure other currently unfunded risks where commercial insurance is not available to the bank. Through a captive program, banks can: Improve their enterprise risk management; Better manage unfunded risks; Formalize a self-insurance program; Realize efficiencies and savings related to insurance expenses and loss mitigation; and Take advantage of a small business incentive available under a section of the Tax Code. What makes KeyState's Bank Captive Program different from its competitors? The primary differentiator is our deep knowledge and expertise working with banks and their regulators in evaluating structures and responding to regulator inquiries. The Bank Captive Program is the only captive solution in the country designed and managed for the sole benefit of community banks throughout the United States.