Illinois Guide to Bank Record Retention

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DISCLAIMER: For many years, the Illinois Bankers Association has offered this record retention guide, produced under contract by a third party, to assist Illinois banks in complying with federal and state document retention requirements and to help save costs by eliminating the retention of records for periods longer than necessary. While this guide remains a helpful reference tool today, it has not been updated in several years. This is the 2013/2014 edition, which is the latest version available. The material in this publication was prepared based on the statutes, regulations and other sources in existence at that time. It should not be considered as definitive or as legal advice provided by its author or by the Illinois Bankers Association. Before relying on information contained in this publication, you should consider the possibility that subsequent changes and additions to federal and state statutes, regulations and other sources may have affected the information provided herein.

*This guide is available in booklet form only.