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Agricultural Advisory CommitteeAgricultural Advisory Committee

Keeps agricultural bankers informed of major agricultural related issues, while recommending timely education programs, advising the IBA Board of Directors of recommended policy positions on agricultural issues, and interacting with other agricultural-related groups on key issues. Minimum term of two years.

Annual Conference CommitteeAnnual Conference Committee

Assists the IBA in the organization and planning of the Association’s Annual Conference & Trade Show. Minimum term of one year.

Associate Member CommitteeAssociate Member Committee

Provides input and feedback on various IBA events, while providing fresh ideas to ensure that our bank members as well as our Associate Members mutually benefit from their IBA memberships.

Audit and Finance CommitteeAudit and Finance Committee

Reviews the Association’s financial policies and procedures; provides guidance on the Association’s budget proposal process and oversee the performance of the Association’s investment program. Minimum term of one year.

Communications and Marketing CommitteeCommunications and Marketing Committee

Reviews IBA communication vehicles, such as the Illinois Banker magazine, e-newsletters and the website, and makes recommendations for enhancements and improvements, while providing feedback on IBA communications and marketing programs. The Committee also reviews the IBA’s public relations efforts and suggests ways for the IBA to better serve as a resource to its members. Minimum term of two years.

Compliance Division Advisory CommitteeCompliance Division Advisory Committee

Assists the IBA in developing and maintaining programs for providing information, guidance and networking opportunities to bank compliance and risk management officers on a statewide basis, while serving in an advisory role to the IBA to help identify the industry’s needs on a wide range of education and training matters. Minimum term of one year.

Fintech CommitteeFintech Committee

Researches, identifies and maintains a strategic direction to encourage and support responsible innovation in member banks. Makes recommendations to the Illinois Bankers Business Services Board. Identifies opportunities and explores partnerships with innovative fintech companies. Minimum term of two years.

FLA Board of DirectorsFLA Board of Directors

Provides a foundation to help develop promising leaders in the Illinois banking industry. Reviews the program and determines how the curriculum can improve and evolve. Develops and plans yearly alumni event. Minimum term of two years.

Government Relations CommitteeGovernment Relations Committee

Formulates the Association’s state and federal legislative and regulatory policy initiatives for the IBA Board of Directors, and reviews and advises the IBA on banking related proposals initiated by other organizations. Minimum term of two years.

Human Resources CommitteeHuman Resources Committee

Assists the IBA in developing the human resources track at the The ONE conference and on an array of educational programs such as the Human Resources Forum. Minimum term of one year.

Illinois Bankers Business Services BoardIllinois Bankers Business Services Board

Governs the business of Illinois Bankers Business Services. Responsible for overseeing the Corporation’s financial performance and for identifying and developing needed products and services for the financial services industry, while assessing the quality and costs associated with their delivery. Also charged with promoting the products and services offered by the Corporation, while providing insights on potential business opportunities or partnerships. Two year term and eligible for reappointment.

Illinois Bankers Education Services BoardIllinois Bankers Education Services Board

Supports the mission to maintain a quality and profitable education model, by providing strategic direction on the unmet and future needs of the financial services industry. Responsible for the oversight of IBES’s strategic plan objectives and metrics to measure the plan’s financial performance and its overall effectiveness. One year team and are eligible for reappointment.

Illinois Bankers PAC BoardIllinois Bankers PAC Board

Governs the Association’s non-partisan Political Action Committee, organized by IBA members, to enhance the value of Association membership by providing financial support to local, state, and federal elected officials and candidates whose views and positions on banking issues are compatible with the interests of the banking industry. Minimum term of two years.

Illinois Bankers Scholarship CommitteeIllinois Bankers Scholarship Committee

The Illinois Bankers Scholarship Committee is charged with designing the framework for the Scholarship Program, including a timeline, eligibility requirements, selection criteria, distribution plan, and fundraising plan, among other details.

Membership CommitteeMembership Committee

Assists the IBA in establishing appropriate strategies for the recruitment and retention of member banks. Minimum term of one year.

Technology and Operations CommitteeTechnology and Operations Committee

Stays current on the latest strategies and emerging issues regarding information technology and operations; assists with increasing awareness, knowledge and understanding of operational and risk management challenges; existing and future technology needs in the banking industry; advises and helps formulate the technology and operations track at The ONE Conference, online and classroom-based educational programs. Minimum term one year.

Women in Banking CommitteeWomen in Banking Committee

Assists the IBA in developing the annual Women in Banking Conference and other networking and educational opportunities for female bankers in all areas of the bank. Minimum term of two years.